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TAG Parent Information night is coming soon!
You may choose one of the following meetings:
Tuesday, October 8
Thursday, October 10
Both meetings will be held at 6:30 PM in the Lecture Hall at Burleson High School, 100 Elk Drive, Burleson.
This is a mandatory meeting for any who plan to attend the NASA trip this summer.  Hope to see you there!


Welcome to TAG

September 4, 2013

Dear Parents,
        I am so excited to have your child in TAG this year!  This year’s study will focus on explorations and is one of my favorite curriculums.  We will be studying the nature of an explorer, explorers of the past, and new frontiers yet to be fully explored.  I can’t wait to go on this adventure with your children!
        In this packet, you will find a survey about TAG camp which is scheduled for the week after school gets out for summer.  TAG camp is NOT a mandatory part of our program, but rather an opportunity to extend the learning we had throughout the year.  This year, as an extension of “explorations,” we will be taking a trip to NASA.  Please find the information sheet and the survey and return it to me no later than September 13 so we can have an idea of numbers allowing us to finalize plans for the trip.  Please note that no student will be able to attend without a parent or guardian.  This is mandatory due to the nature of the trip and age of the students.  As many of you know, we have not taken an overnight trip in a few years.  The requirement of a parent was a concession we made in order to make the overnight trip happen.  The survey is NOT A COMMITMENT, but rather a tool to help us plan.  We will not need a commitment until after our parent meeting on October 8.
        In addition to TAG camp, I hope to take at least 2 field trips during the year.  I hope as many of you will attend our field trips as possible.  We have a new security system in place, so any time you plan to go on a field trip with us, you will have to check in at the school’s office the morning of the trip.  Our first trip is tentatively scheduled for October.  We will be going to the UTA Planetarium.  I will have more information including the cost of the trip in the next week or two.  
        Every year, I request a few supplies for students to have exclusively for TAG.  Some of the supplies are for individual use, and others are for our classroom.  This year’s list is on the back of this paper.  If you cannot provide supplies right now, I will see to it that your child does not go without, so no worries.  I am a parent, too, and I know how expensive school supply shopping can be!

Kerri Owens

Supply List for TAG:

(individual use)

  • 3 ring binder ( 1 or 1.5 inch) (students who were in TAG last year may use the same binder)
1 pack of dividers (5 dividers)
  • 2- 4  black “flair” pens (previous TAG students will know what you mean if you say “art pens.”)
(common supplies:  please choose at least one item from the list.  You are certainly welcome to send more than one, but only one is required.  Thank you!)

  • Facial tissues
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Neon colored index cards
  • Colored paper
  • Colored cardstock
  • Expo markers
  • Paper towels
  • 4 Glue sticks
  • Notebook paper

Please send back all completed paperwork ASAP.  I cannot pull your child for TAG without the completed papers!  Thank you!

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